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Simple Seal

The Simple Seal System requires 3 components to achieve watertight protection (Simple Seal bushing, compression bracket, and optional fastener)

Prices subject to change without notice.

*Non-stock product: Call for lead time.

Simple Seal Bushing and Bonded Washer
POLY KIT SIM SEAL 50 Qty 50 Simple Seal Bushings (shown / $0.34 per) $16.99
POLY KIT GF NEO Qty 51 Bonded Washer (shown / $0.08 per) $4.11
Compression Bracket Options:
Single Fastener Brackets
Includes 3/8"-16 x 1-1/4" bolt and one 3/8" flange nut for racking
L-102-3 3" L-foot, Al (shown) $3.67
L-102-3-ANOD BLK 3" L-foot, Al Anodized Black $5.30
SCL-101-3 3" L-foot with open slot, Al $3.67
SCL-101-3 ANOD BLK 3" L-foot with open slot, Al Anodized Black $5.30
L-102-6 6" L-foot, Al $8.93
CP-SQ-SLOTTED 2"x2" Slotted square adaptor plate, Al $2.59
F-111-A Square U block adaptor plate, Al* $3.14
CONDUITMOUNT-BRKT Includes TEK screw and 2" lag bolt, AL $4.54
Double Fastener Brackets
Includes two 3/8"-16 x 1-1/4" bolts and two flange nuts for racking (not included with SIM-SUPPORT)
SIM-SUPPORT 1"x3" bracket with center lift and a 3/8"-16 stud, Al $5.25
LS-202-3 Serrated L bracket with 2 slotted holes in vertical, Al* $6.70
Z-202 Z bracket with 2 slotted holes in top, Al* $12.09
F-202 Rect. bracket with 3/8"-16x1-1/2" set screw, Al* $6.64
F-203 Oblong bracket with QTY 3 tapped 3/8"-16 holes in top, Al* $8.97
Simple Seal Hanger Bolt Assembly
SIM SEAL ASSEM-HB565 5/16" hanger bolt, 5/16"-18 finished hex nut, 5/16" flange nut, EPDM bonded washer, EPDM umbrella washer (Must be ordered in 50 count QTY's) $5.19
Optional - other lengths are available
POLY KIT LAG SCREW 3 3" stainless lag screw QTY 50 $24.60
POLY KIT LAG SCREW 4 4" stainless lag screw (shown / $0.46 per ) $23.00
B-LAG SS-.313x5 5" stainless lag bolt $1.87
GRK-PHERSS-5/16X4 Self drilling 5/16 x 4" stainless $1.38
POLY KIT HANGER BOLT Hanger bolt QTY 50 (use with F-111-A) $113.25
List Cost of Assembly As Shown: $4.55