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The Eco-65 System requires 4 components to achieve watertight protection (base plate, optional fasteners, flashing, and attachment bracket)

Prices subject to change without notice.

*Non-stock product: Call for lead time.

Base Plate
Includes two 5/16" bonded washers and hex nuts
EF-65-BASE-SS 6"x5.5" Stainless steel with 8 fastener points (shown) $13.16
OMG XHD: #15 self-drilling, phillips drive
SCRW DP 15-13X02 2" length $0.33
SCRW DP 15-13X03 3" length $0.41
SCRW DP 15-13X04 4" length (8 shown) $0.53
SCRW DP 15-13X05 5" length $0.71
SCRW DP 15-13X06 6" length* $0.95
XHD007B 7" length* $2.22
XHD008B 8" length* $2.22
XHD0010B 10" length* $2.01
Metal Flashing
(Not Shown) includes EPDM sealing washer
EFL-BLK-1010 10"x10" matte black Al* $7.36
EFL-BLK-1012 10"x12" matte black Al* $7.36
EFL-BLK-1014 10"x14" matte black Al* $7.36
EFL-BLK-1018 10"x18" matte black Al* $7.36
Attachment Brackets
Select One - includes one 3/8"-16 x 1-1/4" bolt
and one 3/8" flange nut for racking
F-202 Rect. bracket with 3/8"-16x1-1/2" set screw, Al (shown) $7.50
F-203 Oblong bracket with 2 slotted holes in vertical, Al $13.75
Z-202 Z bracket with 2 slotted holes in top, Al $16.62
List Cost of Assembly As Shown: $24.90