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It is your GreenFasten flashing that I prefer over all the other brands out there. Mainly because there are really only two parts I need to order. I'm a real hands-on type of owner, but when I can't be on a job I feel better knowing your system has a number of features that help keep these flashings from leaking. My latest install was on a 45 degree pitched roof and no one wants to be on that kind of roof longer than you have to be. Speed and cost are two great features of your flashings and I have yet to see anything faster. I also like the flexibility of using other "L" foot heights especially on uneven roofs. Keep up the good work.

- John Caravette, Vice President, Earth Wind and Solar Energy, Chicago, IL

Not technical-related. but I wanted to thank you for the excellent customer support. The scope was a bit of a challenge, and your timely responses have been much appreciated!

- Jessica Kendrick, Senior Project Engineer,REC Solar, San Luis Obispo, CA

At the end of the day, I trust EcoFasten....

- Jim Imbro, Staten Island Renewable Energy Corp., Staten Island, NY

Very smooth and quick installation procedure. Highly recommended.

- Andrew Sorowka, Sorowka Energy, Ottawa, ON

We have been using your product exclusively since October 2013. The EcoFasten system is easy to install because of the narrow width. Also the seal makes sense to me and removal, if necessary, should be easy with a bolt head showing. We have done quite a few installs since October using your products and have had no issues with quality.

- Jim Stober, Owner, Advanced Solar & Wind Technologies LLC., Choctaw, OK

We use your CP-Squares mostly, we used to use the Sim-Supports for a while before those came out. We love these....our guys would not go back to ANYTHING else. We love small American-Made companies.

- Justin Charles, Vice President, Lenape Solar LLC, Sunbury, PA

I liked using your Z brackets on our last job. The porch roof on the 1800's plantation house had serious sag even after having been reinforced. We were able to shim between the Z bracket and the mounting feet without concern for water leakage around the shims since the water seal was at another location.

- Daryl Bergquist, Earth Steward Solar Consulting, Blountsville, AL