Welcome to EcoFasten Solar!


Design Process

By identifying customer needs and voids in the marketplace, our product development and engineering teams utilize advanced engineering techniques in order to manufacture solar roof mounts for home owners, commercial building owners, specifiers, installers, manufacturers, and distributors alike.

Research and Technical Development

New product development and design are critical facets of any manufacturing company, and intensive research and development is essential in creating systems that work, systems that are durable, and systems that are watertight. Our engineering team is rich with talent, with a focus on developing new products that address specific needs, resulting in refined, highly technical, yet easy to install solar roof mount, bracket and component options. We design and manufacture our products using recycled materials, giving our customers the assurance in knowing that every part they receive from us will be of the highest possible quality.

Testing Information

All of our products are rigorously tested in-house to ensure top-notch workmanship that is compliant with, and meets or exceeds industry standards. Our products are also beta tested in the field which translates into valuable feedback and additional industry insight. Lastly, our products are sent to 3rd party testing facilities where several performance modes are implemented to guarantee overall success of the design, research, and technical development phases. Testing protocols includes allowable load limits, maximum pull out weights, rain testing, and shear to determine the overall shear strength of materials.