Conduit Mount Bracket

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Part number (SKU):   Conduitmount-bracket

The Conduit Mount Bracket utilizes EcoFasten Solar's patented watertight technology. It is embossed with a patented cone shape countersink and can be used as a watertight solution on a variety of roof types. The Conduit Mount Bracket can be used with GreenFasten GF1 flashing on a new or retrofit composition shingle roof, or with a Simple Seal bushing for use on metal roofing. The bracket is raised to lift electrical conduit off the roof, preventing the wiring from overheating. Conduit Clamp not included.

Includes one 3/8”-16 x 1-1/4” bolt and one 3/8” flange nut for racking.



Features / Advantages:
  • Mounts electrical conduit off the surface of the roof to prevent overheating
  • Bracket can be position in N-S or E-W orientation
  • Patented watertight seal forms an impenetrable moisture barrier
  • Compatible with a variety of mounting systems for use on different roof types
  • Meets or exceeds all known building codes
  • Accepted by major roofing materials manufacturers without voiding warranties
  • Retrofit without removing shingles when used on composition roofs
  • Utilizes 2" lag bolt to secure to the roof
  • EcoFasten Solar products are protected by these U.S. Patents


Applicable Roof Types:
  • Composition Shingle
  • Metal


  • Conduit Mount Bracket- includes TEK Screw and a (D145/16x2) 2" SS Lag Bolt.
  • For Composition Shingle Applications - GF1 Flashing and one 5/16" EPDM bonded washer.
  • For Metal Roof Applications- Simple Seal Bushing and one 5/16" EPDM bonded washer.