CP-SQ-Slotted Compression Bracket Adaptor Plate

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Part number (SKU):   CP-SQ-Slotted

The CP-SQ-Slotted Adaptor Plate for our solar roof mounts allows installers to use 3rd party racking hardware in conjunction with flashing or Simple Seal technology from EcoFasten Solar®. Milled countersink on the underside, when fitted with an EPDM rubber bushing, ensures watertight properties.


Integrated drainage channel permits water and moisture to flow along the top of the base and around the fastener, as opposed to pooling around the head of the fastener. Straightforward, one-step lag bolt installation for uncomplicated and efficient installation. Measures 2" L x 2" W x 11/25" H.

  • GreenFasten™ - GF1
  • QuikFoot
  • Eco-44R-NDD
  • Simple Seal
  • Tile Flashing System
Important: To maintain the watertight integrity of the CP-SQ-Slotted compression bracket, the fastener used must have a 5/16” diameter shank and minimum shank length of 3/4"