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How can I buy EcoFasten Solar products?

If you are interested in our products and would like to find out more, or would like to request a quote from us, simply email and someone from our technical team will be happy to help you. If you would like to first see a sample of a product, simply click on Request a Sample. If you are looking for a distributor near you, please give us a call 1-877-859-3947 or email us at

Which racking systems can be used with EcoFasten Solar roof mounts?

  • Our product line consists of a wide variety of solar roof mounts that are compatible with virtually all racking models on the market. We are also always happy to create custom mounts by request.
  • Our L-Feet use 3/8" bolts and nuts for racking attachment and are compatible with any racking system with horizontal attachment points that will fit these dimensions.
  • Our Z-101, P-3-CSK and P-6-CSK brackets are compatible with any vertically attaching racking system that uses 3/8" hardware.

What are the advantages of using solar roof mounts from EcoFasten Solar?

  • Our solar roof mounts are recognized as being the fastest attachment points in the industry due to their quick, easy and straightforward designs.
  • Utilizing our patented, watertight compression technology, our product line will protect the integrity of the roof while never compromising roofing warranties. Only the highest quality EPDM rubber is used in the production of our watertight bushings.
  • As the industry leader in solar roof mounts, each and every EcoFasten Solar product is tested extensively during the product development stage, as well as by 3rd party testing facilities and then finally, we beta test our products in the field to ensure quality.
  • Our most popular system, GreenFasten™ can be installed with either the commonly used lag bolt or for an even faster installation without compromising the end result, with self-drilling fasteners.
  • All of our systems and components meet roofing industry best practices, as well as International Building Codes, International Residential Building Codes and State Building Codes.
  • Other solar roof mount manufacturers will claim that flashings with a larger footprint are superior, but the fact is, "bigger" does not mean "better". In accordance with International Code Council, and following roofing industry best practices, flashing needs to cover an area of 4" on each side of an attachment point. A proper flashing needs to be durable in construction, and most importantly, it needs to work - and it needs to work well, in order to create the watertight barrier that is required when mounting solar panels to a roof.

Do you have testing data available for your products?

  • EcoFasten Solar has testing data for both pullout and shear strengths. They are available for download on each of the product pages "Documentation" tabs on this website.
  • IAPMO - the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, and specifically, IAMPO’s Uniform Evaluation Services team meticulously tests and evaluates our GreenFasten™ GF1 products to verify compliance with solar energy codes, international building codes and residential codes.
  • All of our products are rigorously tested in-house to ensure top-notch workmanship that is compliant with, and meets or exceeds industry standards. Our products are also beta tested in the field which translates into valuable feedback and additional industry insight. Lastly, our products are sent to 3rd party testing facilities where several performance modes are implemented to guarantee overall success of the design, research, and technical development phases. Testing protocols include allowable load limits, maximum pull out weights, and shear to determine the overall shear strength of materials. All of our products meet or exceed roofing industry best practices.

Does EcoFasten Solar manufacture a solar roof mount for metal roofs?

  • Our ASG-U2 clamps are the ideal solution for mounting just about anything, to any standing seam metal roof and are the ideal way to mount solar panels to standing seam roofs. We have also engineered solar roof mount solutions designed specifically for through-fastened metal roofs, like our CorruSlide and Simple Seal Systems.

How many attachment points are needed per solar panel?

  • The number of attachment points required for an array is determined by the rack manufacturer or Engineer of Record for the project. EcoFasten Solar provides published test data that allows these entities to run their own calculations.

When should metal flashing be used as opposed to a membrane target patch flashing?

  • Membrane patches/pipe boots/witches hats are only used for membrane applications where the manufacturer requires a target patch, pipe boot, split pipe boot or witches hat to be adhered, or heat welded to the roof. This includes any roll out polymer material that is adhered/welded/fastened to the roof and welded/adhered at the overlapping seams. Common materials are EPDM, TPO, PVC etc.
  • Metal flashing intended to shed water on sloped roofing is used for shingle, slate, shake, tile and sloped asphalt roll roofing.

Where can I get membrane flashing and/or pipe boots (as needed with Eco-44 and Eco-65)?

  • Target patches, pipe boots, split pipe boots and witches hats should be sourced directly from the membrane manufacturer to ensure compliance with the Manufacturer’ s warranty. These products are often available from a distributor that carries roofing products.

Are EcoFasten Solar compression brackets compatible with 3rd party L-Feet?

  • Our CP-SQ-Slotted adaptor plate allows for use with any 3rd party L-Foot, along with flashing products, single-stud base plates, or with Simple Seal from EcoFasten Solar.
  • ASG-U2 clamps can be used with any 3rd party L-Foot or bracket that utilizes 3/8" hardware.