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To mount a solar panel to a roof, you need to know as much about the roof construction as you do about the panel function. In fact, you need to know more. EcoFasten Solar is the company that utilizes practical experience and combines it with innovative solutions, quality manufacturing principles, the commitment to utilizing recycled materials in the production of water tight roof mount systems with extensive patent protection and offer it with the highest level of customer service possible. EcoFasten Solar is the company born to bridge the gap between the people who design the solar panel systems and the people who install them.

EcoFasten Solar is committed to environmental sustainability


Following decades of experience in the roofing industry, Vermont-based manufacturer Alpine SnowGuards evolved its business and through this growth EcoFasten Solar was born. We are committed to the support of renewable energy and work closely with leading solar developers, racking system providers, roofing manufacturers and commercial installation companies.